I have experienced something quite wonderful at St Vincent‘s Church.

The warmth of the community, the stimulation of Ted’s sermons and his extraordinary vision and generosity, the very practical works of social justice, the energy and the space to grow as a Christian are all things I treasure.

One can only be in awe at what St Vincent‘s has come to mean to many thousands of people. It has been such a privilege to be part of this inspiring community. It is Ted Kennedy who made this possible.

I want to record my thanks to Ted for his long hard struggle to bring justice to Aboriginal people – the frustrating task which he undertook to move the church authorities to do the right thing by the Aboriginal Medical Service. The fruits of that long labour are yet to be yielded.

My collaboration with Ted on his great book – Who is Worthy? – is one of the major highlights of my life. I am so proud to be part of this as Ted’s book has been a tremendous help to so many who were feeling neglected and – what is more terrible – spurned by the official church.

Above all I treasure my friendship with Ted and the happiness I experience being part of this special community.
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