The following arrived today from Fr David Lancini, p.p. of Kirwan in Queensland. David, a great friend of Fr John’s, comes to Sydney for his annual holidays and helps out at The Meal for the two weeks that he is here. Over the many years that he has been doing this he had got to know Mary and Trevor.

He intends to put the following story on the front of his Parish Bulletin

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P.O. Box 203, Thuringowa Central. Q. 4817
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21st Sunday of the Year.
23/24th August 2008


Last Thursday night a homeless man died in a park at Redfern in Sydney. His name was Trevor. His mother’s name is Mary. For many years Mary and Trevor attended “sharing of the meal” at St. Vincent’s Church in Redfern. They were delightful and wonderful people.

Last Tuesday at the Sharing of the Meal at Redfern Trevor came into see Fr. John Ford who works tirelessly caring for the people from the streets in the local area. Trevor came in and said to Fr. John that he wanted forgiveness – Fr. John said he didn’t need forgiveness, with that Trevor knelt at Fr. John’s feet at which Fr. John knelt down in front of him – they both laid their heads on each others shoulders and just hugged each other. People who witnessed the event said it was very moving and they had trouble distinguishing who was the Christ figure.

Trevor was a schizophrenic, suffered from alcoholism and was only 40 years old when he died but once you got to know him you could see what a truly beautiful, caring and loving person he was. His funeral will be celebrated this week in Redfern with Mary, his mother, Fr. John and all his friends.

Peace, Dave

Act Justly, Love Tenderly and Walk Humbly with God

(MICAH: 6:8)

Trevor’s funeral service will take place at St Vincent’s, Redfern next Monday at 11 a.m. It will be a combined service with the Salvation Army in accordance with the wishes of his mother, Mary.
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