This is not an Ecumenical Church

St Vincent’s, under the spiritual guidance of Father Ted Kennedy, was well known for its welcome to and inclusion of all people, especially the suffering, the abused and the forgotten.

Such behaviour, it would seem, is an anathema to our Neocat priests.

Despite numerous representations by Mary McMahon and others, Neocat parish priests Prindiville and Sudla doggedly refuse to allow St Vincent’s to be used as the venue for another Interfaith Service. The Community’s wishes have been dismissed with a perfunctory “This is not an Ecumenical Church”. See news article No accord on inter-faith service.

George Pell, with your track record in ecumenical and interfaith activities, how can you continue to unconditionally support these Neocats?

Postscript: The Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne has advised Church Mouse that the terms “interfaith” (or “inter-religious” as it is also called) and “ecumenical” are not the same. “Interfaith” relates to relationships with other religions, and “ecumenical” to relationships with other Christians.

The confusion in the minds of Prindiville and Sudla is consistent with their display of intolerance not only of other religions and other Christians, but also of Catholics who do not travel the Neocatechumenal Way.
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