The Tree upon the Wall

The Church Mouse has received several requests for the words of the Offertory hymn that was so political that the Mass on Sunday 20 August 2006 had to be aborted and the congregation denied the Eucharist.

The hymn has been sung pretty much every Sunday since that unfortunate day without consequence.

by Helen Reagan

There is something missing here.
There is something missing here.
A message that was oh so clear.
Of Love and Truth and Justice.

But now we have the tree upon the wall.
Blessed by everyone who understands.
A message for everyone to see.
A challenge to those with their own plan.

The hands tell us who really own the Land.
The tree itself is a message as it stands.
A life that simply can not be cut down.
This life deeply rooted in the ground.

Let the tree bring them in.
Spirit filled prayers bursting forth.
Filling all with Truth in need.
Renewing hope for new life here.

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