Ted Kennedy

When we first came to Sydney from Adelaide in 1968 several of our friends gave us advice about the Catholic Church in this city. In particular:

  • to understand the Sydney Church read Tom Kenneally’s Three Cheers for the Paraclete; and
  • make sure we get to know Ted Kennedy, if we wanted to see the Church as it really can be.

We did the first and enjoyed it, as well as realising how accurate it was. We were fortunate to be introduced to Ted soon after we arrived in Sydney and, although we are not regular Redfern worshippers, we have enjoyed his friendship, his leadership and his challenge to “be” catholic ever since.

Our involvement in Aboriginal Justice issues is very much because of Ted’s influence (and to Mum Shirl’s). The fact that we still try to follow the teachings of Jesus is because we could see them being lived in the Redfern Community.

We hope Ted is able to enjoy retirement, knowing that his work lives on in many people.

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