Talk to Neocats

Talk to Neocats; try to interest them in your customs, theology, etc. Approach individuals who look as though they might be prepared to listen. This usually excludes priests, but seminarians can be worth a try, as evidenced by the following story.

Paco, a young Spanish Neocat seminarian at St Vincent’s over a year ago, was befriended by several members of the community. They took the time to explain what we were about and why we were so opposed to the Neocatechumenate, and gave him books, like Albert Nolan’s Jesus Before Christianity, to read. Imagine our joy when Paco’s letter, reproduced below, arrived early in March.


Dear Sr Dom

How are you? It has been a long time without having news from me. Time flies, and does it very quickly so that I have already been in Spain for a whole year.

I hope you may accept my apologies for not having written you sooner. However, it comes as a consequence of my return. Many people diverged from my decision of staying in Spain. Many other people wanted to know the reasons for me to change seminary. Thus, I opted to keep silence, disappear and, leave time to run its course. In the end, my decision has turn to be very good. I begin to see a new beautiful horizon. On the other hand, I do not think that I have wasted my time in Australia, totally the contrary. It was a time in which I met the Lord, and it made my vocation to mature.

So, my training as a diocesan priest continues and for this reason I send you an invitation for my initiation as an acolyte. Could you come? Please pray for me. Please accept my apologies again and please, give my regards to the Redfern community.

Yours in Christ


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