Not a Catholic

Ralph has recently returned to St Vincent’s after an absence of many weeks following a particularly unpleasant encounter with the Neocat clergy in which Clesio Mendes told him in no uncertain terms that he was not a Catholic, and that he was allowing himself to be led astray by the community. This was not the first time that a member of the community has been attacked in this manner.

On January 30 Ralph wrote this letter to the bishops of Australia:

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Neocat slander and persecution

The following email just arrived:

date Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 3:23 AM
subject greetings from Spain

Dear friends from Church Mouse, greetings from Spain.

I follow your website from time to time, and your struggles with the Neocats.
I send you the url to a bulletin of a spanish diocese (Orihuela-Alicante), near the mediterranean coast. I found it accidentally.
It contains news of a Neocat family from one of their parrish churches (Andres, Ester and their children), sent as missionary team to St Vincent’s Redfern, and some photos with parrish priest Fr. Clesio … Continue reading

Kiko, the Wrath of God

Joe C. has translated an important article entitled Kiko, la Colera de Dios, by Jesus Rodriguez, in the Madrid newspaper, El Pais, 29/06/08.

He says:
It’s a scary document. Shows what we’re up against, and just what Pell has aligned himself with – though he seems such a dill I doubt he understands much of what is going on, except in so far as religion is all about power and career, and an ignorant laity’s homage to the hierarchy and obedience to their rules. I’d like to think that Benedict isn’t a complete fool, or villain; and that … Continue reading

Major row averted

A major row was averted at the Christmas Mass when Tom Hammerton stepped up to the altar to prevent a figurine of a black Mary and Child being smashed to the floor by parish priest Gerry Prindiville.

The small statue, in a dark clay, is a thoughtful and moving image of an exhausted and elated mother, reclining and holding her new born infant. It is a stark contrast to the stereotypical representation of Mary and Child, and invites … Continue reading