Sunday Mass denied and Christmas Meal threatened

Notice that appeared on the church door today

Clesio Mendes, and, it would appear, Cardinal George Pell and Bishop Julian Porteous, have unilaterally found the St Vincent’s community guilty of interrupting the Mass.

In fact, the Mass was interrupted by Pelle and Mendes, who tried to stifle the Prayers of the Faithful – see Denied Sunday Mass Again.

Their action precipitated numerous letters from the community to Bishop Porteous, administering the archdiocese in Cardinal Pell’s absence

The following email was received on Friday night:

And this morning:

The Sharing of the Meal has been under constant pressure ever since the Neocats were appointed to Redfern. It is hard to remember a recent Christmas when an attempt was not made to cripple this community initiative.

The Christmas party typically attracts some 300 sharers, and Mendes was generously offering an hour or two to set up for it!

The community is getting sick of fighting this sort of garbage, and needs your support.

Please come and help us tomorrow morning!


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