Sunday 11 Mar 2007

Assistant pp Mendes was hamming his way through another inane and barely intelligible homily as a clearly unhappy J…e entered the Church.

She quietly approached a few of the regulars and told them that Mendes had insulted her and a group of Aboriginal friends by calling them heathens.

She asked why this should be so and added "you’ve got no idea how he treats us when none of you whities are around".

No one could answer on behalf of the one charged with her pastoral care, so, fed up with the shabby, abusive treatment to which she and her friends had been subjected, J…e decided to confront the Neocat "priest".

Immediately after Communion, she approached the altar with Thelma by her side and quietly addressed Mendes, who laughed and said "Pray for me".

Anne called out from the congregation: "She asked why you called her a heathen, what’s your explanation?"

The "pastor" smirked – apparently unwilling or unable to rationalise his behaviour.

Note: Sunday 18 March 2007
Prindiville claimed that Mendes had been set up – that he couldn’t have called anyone a "heathen" because he had never heard the word before and didn’t know what it meant. He further alleged that the Community had arranged the confrontation.
Perhaps Neocats can’t imagine that "heathens" might actually be capable of thinking and acting for themselves.
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