Sudla must go

The Community was shocked and outraged today.

Dennis Sudla’s behaviour, especially towards women, is despicable. That he also purports to be a Catholic priest makes it infinitely more so. Today he attacked Sr Marnie Kennedy, one of the most loved and respected members of our community, and sister of Fr Ted Kennedy.

Marnie decided to take Sudla, assistant parish "priest" at St Vincent’s to task over his display of "humour" at the expense of the parishioners of Kelmscott, WA:

"He said it was nice to see so many females at church … some pretty, some not so pretty and some ugly."

({rdlc Recent correspondence with the local Bishops})


Their conversation went something like this:


Marnie: You know you can’t go around saying things like that in this country.

Sudla (twice): I am the parish priest, I can say what I like!

(and then) Maybe you should look in a mirror yourself sometime. You are blind and need to be converted. I will pray for you.

Marnie: Thank you, but I don’t need your prayers.


Sudla and his ilk operate in the Sydney archdiocese with the unconditional support of Cardinal George Pell. The Community is sickened that there is no impartial forum within our church to hear these issues.

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