Secret WYD at St Vincent’s

There have been some unannounced and unexplained activities in recent weeks that suggest the Neocats are preparing St Vincent’s for some kind of World Youth Day involvement, despite the parish clergy’s repeated refusals to discuss the matter.

For a start, parts of the church that have not been touched for years have suddenly been cleaned. The Church Mouse’s favourite haunts are now barely suitable for murine habitation. Furniture has been moved, a couple of old heaters (which will be sorely missed by the Friday evening meditation and discussion groups) and some of the Community’s liturgical artefects have disappeared, the choir loft (in reality a storage area) has been spruced up, and the derelict confessionals, which can only be described as a health hazard, have been cleaned out.

Then there’s a certain visitor from David’s Place (a gathering place for the homeless that is supported by George Pell) who has recently been observing the Sharing of the Meal, taking photographs and copious notes – again without explanation.

And today this newsflash from Michael:

It looks like the pilgrims are coming, folks!

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