Restoration of St. Vincent’s Redfern Presbytery

The Church Mouse has it on very good authority that work will begin in the next few weeks on restoring the presbytery as a residence for the Neocats. The Archdiocese is in the process of signing contracts.

There will be no provision for a community centre or space for the local community, neither black nor white. The cost will be in the $100,000s.

You may recall that it was Fr. Ted Kennedy’s plan and hope that this building be restored and given over in justice and restitution to the Aboriginal people. Ted had opened the building to the Aboriginal people and at that time up to 100 plus Aboriginals found shelter, friendship and safety there on any one night. It was their place.

It was for this reason that the presbytery was left in the condition that it was. Ted refused to have it repaired until the Archdiocese guarranted to have it formally made an Aboriginal place and a place for the poor.

Not, as has been claimed, that it was in need of repair because of Ted’s indolence, neglect and incompetence.

It was in that state as a stark statement and gospel challenge for Aboriginal restitution and reconciliation.

There has been no consultation with the St. Vincent’s or Aboriginal community. Not even the courtesy of informing us about the project.

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