Reflection on today’s reading

In earlier times, one of the most common hidden heresies was to reserve the name of Church to only part of it, a sort of sacralised power – ‘the body of pastors with the Roman Pontiff’. Vatican II reacted against this concept by changing the order of Chs. 2 and 3 of Lumen Gentium, placing the chapter dedicated to the people of God ahead of the chapter dedicated to the hierarchy. Unfortunately Vatican II’s outlook has not affected the mentality of many Church people. One fears that today many ministers believe themselves Church, not for being Christians, but for being priests or bishops.
Yet St Augustine shows us that he knew he was Church for being a christian, not for being a bishop. He says ‘I am a christian with you and a bishop for you. What I am for you terifies me, what I am with you consoles me.
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