Prindiville on the mend, and Sudla?

Gerry Prindiville was seen in Redfern by several parishioners during the past week. The community is pleased that he has recovered sufficiently from his illness to continue his recouperation back “home”.

The Neocats continue to be secretive about their movements at Redfern – but it appears that Prindiville will not be acting as PP for some time yet. In his absence they have provided various stand-ins, all unannounced, including Eric Scruzny, John Hayes, and most recently the Dominican Neocat, Fr Nick.

And where, the Church Mouse wonders, has the assistant PP been since the PP fell ill? Sudla was part of the Australian contingent in Cologne for the world youth circus, and has not been heard of since.

Could his absence be somehow related to a certain defamation case being heard by the Church Tribunal in Sydney?

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