Prindiville is back

Today’s Church bulletin carried the following proclamation from Prindiville:

Change of Priest’s Residence

As from this week the presbytery will be located at 108 Great Buckingham St, Redfern.

Saturday evening Mass will continue to be celebrated in the presbytery. This is the only legitimate Parish Mass on Saturday evening. Neither I nor the Cardinal have given permission for any other parish Mass on Saturday evening.

The small number of long-time parishioners who have tried the “only legitimate” option found the experience disturbing and could not, in good faith, continue.

A Neocat-free alternative has been in effect more or less since Prindiville first denied the Community the use of its Church for the Saturday evening Mass. See Aboriginal Medical Service to the rescue.

All are welcome to participate in the Community Mass celebrated every Saturday at 6:00pm at the rear of the Aboriginal Medical Service premises next to the Church which the Neocats refuse to open.

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