Prindiville has done it again

For over 36 years a handful of Community members has been meeting on Friday evenings to discuss and reflect upon the weekend scripture readings, and for the last 3 years or so it has been preceded by a Christian meditation session.

Last Friday Prindiville unilaterally decreed that henceforth he would no longer open the Church for these Community activities – so this evening the Friday meeting was held outside the locked doors.

It would appear that the caring pastor has decided to punish the Community because an altar cloth has gone missing. Several good women of the Community reported being approached individually by a seething Prindiville, aggressively demanding to be told the whereabouts of the cloth. The Church Mouse assumes that he did check first with his laundry service (washer woman?).

To restore the fragile peace, the Community has even offered to replace the cloth, but Prindiville will not be placated.

Sr Marnie Kennedy, a Friday regular, contacted Fr John Usher, Chancellor of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, for help. She was subsequently given to understand that Prindiville refused to dialogue with Usher and/or Mgr Vince Redden, Vicar for Clergy, during the week. To whom does this man answer?

Note: Sunday 18 March 2007
The preceding paragraph has been changed to reflect that when approached before Mass today by two members of the Community, Prindiville denied that he had been contacted by Usher or Redden.
He also stated that the Friday lockout had nothing to do with the missing altar cloth. The Community, he said, had gone too far, and was now being "punished" for showing disrespect for the Eucharist and for the lies told (especially about priests) on this website and elsewhere.

The St Vincent’s Community has been in turmoil since the arrival of the Neocatechumenal Way over three years ago. At no stage has the Community been offered any valuable direction, consultation or dialogue.

Instead: the Neocats have withdrawn the Community’s Saturday evening Mass; they have moved the tabernacle from the main section of the Church to the sacristy where it can only be viewed in seclusion by the chosen few; they regularly deny members of the Community the Eucharist; they have verbally and physically assaulted them; they have threatened them and shattered and ignored their traditions and cultures. One Neocat “priest” angrily threw the Aboriginal Cross around the Church and smashed furniture; another has angrily aborted Sunday Masses leaving the congregation stranded.

Cardinal Pell and Bishop Fisher have ignored all requests to become actively involved in this debacle except when Fisher endorsed calling the Police to settle a “liturgical disturbance” on the word of the discredited Sudla. (The Tribunal of the Catholic Church of NSW and the ACT found that the then assistant priest of St Vincent’s, Fr. Dennis Sudla of the Neocatechumenal Way, had intentionally and repeatedly confronted and defamed a parishioner over a period of eighteen months.)


Several of those who attended today’s meeting went on to hear non-violent peace activist Fr John Dear, SJ at the Pitt St Uniting Church. His talk was entitled Onward Christian Soldiers? Confronting Church Complicity with Violence.

Others had already been to hear him speak on The Nonviolent Struggle for Justice earlier today at the University of Technology, Sydney.

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