Poor Church

On Sunday 25 July 2004 Encounter’s David Rutledge presented a program on St Vincent’s Redfern, entitled Poor Church.

Encounter is a radio program that may be heard on Sundays at 7.10am (repeated Wednesday at 7.10pm) on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National network.

This highly acclaimed series, co-ordinated by Florence Spurling, explores the connections between religion and life.

With an emphasis on a high standard of creative production, Encounter invites the listener to make connections intellectually, emotionally and intuitively across a broad spectrum of topics.

The program regularly reflects on the religious experience of multicultural Australia. This includes small, lesser-known groups and gives access to voices and experiences that are not often heard in the mainstream media.

Encounter has won local and international awards.


St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Sydney’s Redfern has been a wellspring of social justice ministry for the past 35 years – but now that looks to be under threat.
New priests have been installed in the parish, and neither the priests, the congregation nor the local Aboriginal community are happy.

A transcript of the program may be found here on the ABC website or here on this site.

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