Police at Mass

Sr Dom has been absent from St Vincent’s for some time, recovering from the dreadful physical and psychological abuse that she was subjected to in the church earlier this year – see Violence at St Vincent’s.

This morning she returned, attending the 10am Mass at St Vincent’s for the first time since those vicious attacks. Her presence was acknowledged, not by the parish clergy, but by a member of the local constabulary, who stopped by to ensure that Sr Dom was safe.

This was a welcome change from the norm. The parish clergy, in particular Joe Pelle, seem to prefer to threaten to call the police rather than offer pastoral support to parishioners. On those occasions when the threat is actually carried through, the officers attending the church have left scratching their heads.

Bishop Anthony Fisher
(source: SMH)

Bishop Anthony Fisher three years ago wrote in a letter to St Vincent’s that he had directed the parish priests “to contact the Police and seek their assistance” when annoyed by parishioners.

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