People of many faiths come together in Redfern

An Interfaith service was held at St Vincent’s on the anniversary of the Mass of Compassion for the Muslim community in Australia.

The theme was one of creating a space for friendship, celebrating diversity, coming together in peace and harmony.

Spokesperson Mary McMahon said:

‘At this time of sadness and suffering in the Australian community following the massacre in Bali, we remember the innocent who have died violently including those who have tried to come to Australia in search of peace. We are also supporting all in our community who are being mistreated because of their race,
religion or colour.’

Members of the Muslim community, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians from many denominations attended the unique Interfaith Service which concluded with a shared meal.

The Uniting Church’s Rev Dorothy McCrae-McMahon wrote the liturgy, with its emphasis on children and young people and building bridges of friendship, support and community, in consultation with the various faith communities.

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