Pat Durnan memorial service

There is still no date set for a memorial Mass at St Vincent’s for Sr. John (Pat) Durnan.

Fr John Ford, who knew Pat, agreed to say the Mass when asked last Tuesday at Sharing the Meal. He approached Miguel Zavarese, assistant parish priest, who was also present at the Meal, requesting permission to celebrate the memorial Mass.

Zavarese refused, insisting that if there was to be such an event he would be the one to do it. Neither Zavarese nor Mendes (the PP) knew Pat.

Such is the generosity of the Neocat spirit to which the Community has been treated countless times.


The Cana Community that same morning asked John Ford to celebrate a memorial service for Rodney Riley, who died in a fire in Flinders St, East Sydney, early last Saturday morning, and is to be buried in Dubbo next Tuesday, November 16. Fr John knew Rodney, who was a regular at Sharing the Meal. When the Cana people sought Zavarese’s permission for the good priest to use St Vincent’s it was also refused.


The Memorial service for Rodney Riley will take place at the UNITING CHURCH Redfern this Friday at 11am.

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