Our Father

Dear Ted our Father,
who believed that each of us carries a piece of heaven,
precious is your name for those who loved you
because you showed us a living kingdom
here on earth as it is in heaven.

You understood how critical it is to have a piece of bread at the end of each day, especially for those of us who know hunger and unemployment.

How clearly you insisted that we must reconcile with those on whom this nation trespassed with blood, before we can learn to forgive those who trespass against us.

In life you steered us away from the ever present temptation of believing
that white is the colour of purity,
that institutions are the seat of ultimate power,
that things, big and small, will eventually take care of themselves without our intervention,
since it is so easy to feel insignificant in this universe and its unfolding.

May you now protect us more than ever,
from the evil of indifference,
from the numbing of our conscience,
as conscience remained the sacred place where you kept your individual spirit ALIVE!


Elio Gatti May 2005

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