Not a Catholic

Ralph has recently returned to St Vincent’s after an absence of many weeks following a particularly unpleasant encounter with the Neocat clergy in which Clesio Mendes told him in no uncertain terms that he was not a Catholic, and that he was allowing himself to be led astray by the community. This was not the first time that a member of the community has been attacked in this manner.

On January 30 Ralph wrote this letter to the bishops of Australia:

To date he has received replies from the following:

Bishop Anthony C Fisher, OP DD VG – Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney

Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto – Apostolic Nuncio

Archbishop Denis J Hart, DD – Archbishop of Melbourne

Bishop Kevin M Manning, DD – Bishop of Parramatta

Bishop Geoffrey J Robinson, DD – Former Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney

Bishop Peter W Ingham, DD – Bishop of Wollongong

Bishop Gerard J Hanna, DD – Bishop of Wagga Wagga

(Click on a bishop’s name to read his letter)

Two more have been received:

Cardinal George Pell – Archbishop of Sydney and "fellow Catholic" [In his letter Pell has, not surprisingly, chosen to take the word of his clergy in favour of Ralph’s. There were at least 5 witnesses to the incident that is the subject of Ralph’s letter, and there are many more St Vincent’s community members who have been similarly maligned by Pell’s Neocats over the last 6 years or so.]

Archbishop Philip Wilson – President, Australian Bishops Conference

And another three:

Bishop Christopher Saunders – Bishop of Broome

Bishop Donald Sproxton – Auxiliary Bishop of Perth

Bishop David Walker – Bishop of Broken Bay

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