Neocatechists’ hypocrisy

From: wendy
Sent: Sunday, 26 June 2005 1:38 PM
Subject: Neocatechists’ hypocrisy

I have for the first time been reading through your web site and am horrified and saddened at the state of affairs in Redfern so soon after Fr. Ted Kennedy’s death.

Fr. Kennedy is (or was) the equivalent of Christ among the Pharisees of the time, whom He accused of hypocrisy and too much involvement with the law rather than the people, and urged his followers to love one another.

Cardinal Pell and the hierarchy of the Church would do well to remember the simplicity of Christ’s message and realise that the trappings of power corrupt.

My God be with you always and my heartfelt best wishes for the fulfillment of Fr. Kennedy’s work.

Wendy H.

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