Neocat paparazzi

For years now, many at St Vincent’s have been unable to take communion from the Neocat clergy who despise the community so, and have elected to share only in the Blood of Christ from the solitary non-Neocat Eucharistic minister.

This seems to have recently come to the attention to the ever alert Clesio Mendes, who queried communicants a week or two ago as to why they weren’t queuing up for the Eucharist from the Neocats.

So today parishioners were intrigued by a dark haired woman who appeared to be using her mobile phone to photograph those receiving the Blood of Christ from Ralph.

When her actions were queried, she announced that she was from Italy, that we must receive the host before the wine, that the priest was holy, etc, etc.

The ranting and fuming continued for quite a while after she returned to the pews, to such an extent that “shushing” sounds could be heard from several sources, including one in the vicinity of Mendes himself, who unfortunately did not find the interruption sufficiently serious to warrant shutting down the Mass.

When Church Mouse photographer Len made a show of readying his camera to photograph the paparazza(?), Neocats leapt in front of the Italian to shield her.

Neocat paparrazza shield (Note offending mobile phone)

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