My Dear Ted

When I think back to the first time I met you in Kettering I was a bit scared of you being a Priest. My experience in my late teens was not very positive regarding the Church. But your love, insight and encouragement changed all of that. You helped me find and believe in my own spirituality. When we came to Australia in 1979 you took us into your home in Burrawang and were able to truly share your life and friends without the slightest trace of ownership.

I have always felt loved by you. I am so grateful for the love you have shown to my children especially in the turbulent years. I remember when I was worried at one of these times and you would reply with “but isn’t she (or he) wonderful’. You would see some element of rebellion as a sign of courage or a sense of justice. It is an honour to be loved by you my friend. I know I would not have survived in Australia if you hadn’t been here as a friend. I thank you for walking beside a little person like me. I love you so very much.
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