Mural under threat

The iconic St Vincent’s mural is under serious threat from the poor adhesion to the wall of the original painted surface beneath the mural. Unfortunately, the circumstances under which the mural were painted precluded the wall from being adequately prepared.

The condition of the wall has been exacerbated by the parlous state of repair of the church’s roof, guttering and drainage allowing the ingress of water during several periods of heavy rain earlier this year, and accelerating the separation of the mural from the wall in numerous areas.

Running repairs were performed as recently as last Friday evening, so the community was dismayed and disturbed to find this morning that there was significant further deterioration of the lower section of the lettering in particular.

When the damage was pointed out to Neocat pp Clesio Mendes, he stated “I do not agree with this [the mural]”.

Photographed 5 August 2007

Photographed 23 September 2007

Detail of water damage 5 August 2007

Detail of damage 23 September 2007

Detail of damage 23 September 2007

Detail of damage 23 September 2007

There are serious concerns that the latest damage is the result of human intervention.

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