Mum Shirl under attack

It would appear that Sydney Council plans to remove the Mum Shirl memorial seat from outside the church as part of the Redfern Street Upgrade. It was installed six or seven years ago by the then South Sydney Council.

The seat is located in Redfern Street outside the St Vincent’s Catholic Church [see picture on Church Mouse home page] where Fr Ted Kennedy was parish priest for 30 years, and next to the Aboriginal Medical Service. It is part of the cultural history of Redfern commemorating Mum Shirl’s tireless work for her people. Its location commemorates the long collaboration between Mum Shirl and Ted Kennedy.

It is regularly used by Aborigines.

Apparently offended by the presence of those using the seat, current parish priest Prindiville requested its removal. Prindiville has alienated local Aborigines who claim he makes them feel “like lepers”, and is at odds with the St Vincent’s community. Neither group was consulted.

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