Just another Sunday

Today’s 10am Mass was said by Clesio Mendes with Gerry Prindiville and a young seminarian assisting.

The Neocats behaved as though it was just another Sunday: no reference to the walkout last week; no reference to the community’s letter to Prindiville sent during the week; certainly no apology for denying us the Eucharist; nothing.

Copies of the letter were provided next to the church bulletin for people to read for themselves, and at the end of Mass, after the celebrants had left the altar, one of the letter’s signatories read it out from the lecturn while the seminarians scurried about clearing the altar.

The Neocats in the congregation left rapidly (as is their habit), and Prindiville led his cohort from the sacristy before the reading was complete to cries of “shame!”

So, Gerry Prindiville, nothing has changed. There is no engagement – only enragement.

As usual, whenever we as a community or as individuals try to engage you or your fellow priests in dialogue, our efforts are met with stony refusals to engage. Rather, you choose to assert your authority as priest as if that should be the end of it. You refuse to participate in community with us. All of you, your fellow priests and the members of the congregation who identify as part of the Neocatechumenal Way, fail to assist with our weekly meals for the poor, in our Sharing the Journey discussions, and in the simple acts of morning tea and friendship after Mass. This is despite numerous invitations issued to all of you over the past years. It is, to say the least, unhelpful that you should lead “your” people out of the Church immediately after the conclusion of Mass not just today but on every Sunday, ignoring us as you do so.

Seminarian giving Neocat sign of reconciliation as the clergy hastily leave.
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  1. j says:

    The hide of Prindiville and his cohort. They are like the Pharisees of old.

    It is interesting to note that ” The primary objective aimed at in this Neocatechumenate or initiation to the faith is the formation of the community” as quoted from the Neocat’s Official website. Prindiville, can you realise that you are destroying a community. The exact opposite of your own belief’s primary objective.

    Prindiville your faith community talks about “The answer is: in the parish, which seems the most suitable place for the local Church to appear as the `sacrament of salvation’, without creating a parallel Church, without destroying anything”… Do you even believe the beliefs and statements that your Faith community proports, let alone UNDERSTAND them.

    You are destroying a community, a FAITH COMMUNITY.

    It is obvious to all that you are building a parallel church in Redfern. Having only one celebrated mass in our Church, bring back Saturday evening mass. You are having a second Church to preclude the wider community.

    Prindiville, we call on you to open and engage, not antagonise and to show leadership, and discuss, listen to the community, the faithful.. Please realise you do NOT have the faith, charisma and leadership that your Neocat community was founded on…Far far from it.

    Talk with us, leave the hostility at the door….

    St Vincent’s has had a proud history of social justice and reaching out to those in need. We believe in a doing Christ, an active Christ, just as Luke continually talks about throughout his Gospels. A Christ through action and acceptance.

    Fr Prindiville, we ask that you look within Luke, within the Gospels, and learn, to as your faith community states: “If to love means really to transcend ourselves totally in the other, that is, to die to our self (and all of us are subjected to the devil during our lives because we are afraid of death), it is clear that if death has not been overcome in us by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we cannot love. What then will the sign be that we have risen with Christ? A love over and above death, love in the dimension of the cross, love for the enemy, `as I have loved you.’ (Jn 13:34-35)” and you still see us as the enemy then, die with the faith in the resurrection of Jesus and love thy enemy.

    We are prepared to talk and engage, where are YOU on your journey with the Lord Fr Prindiville.

    The ball is fairly and squarely in your court, or you have the option that is often used: to take leave and move to another parish.


  2. artvanderley says:

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  3. Church Mouse says:

    Not very original, artmandolay. You didn’t by any chance pick this up amongst the rubbish at
    shannondonahoo.com did you?

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