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The following was distributed to Kelmscott parishioners after Sproxton’s disappointing visit

Information Update – Good Shepherd Parish

Good Shepherd Parish Mainstream Parishioners

Dear Parishioners,

Firstly, thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our Parish.

As you know Bishop Sproxton visited the Parish on the 26th September after accepting an invitation from us (made on the 28th July). Below is a recap of events.

Unfortunately, His Grace did not address any of the concerns we had raised with him previously on the 28th July at the Cathedral office. As such, the issues remain unresolved and we are left with no other option, other than to seek assistance from elsewhere. What His Grace did confirm was the Neocatechumen Way’s intention is to create Small Communities within the parish.

Of significance, was the statement by him that for the Neocatechumen Way to be introduced into a parish, the Parish priest consults and takes advice from the Parish Council before proceeding. When informed that this DID NOT HAPPEN in our Parish, we were then told that this was not compulsory. The Bishop, however did inform us of the various other programs around, CaFE and BEC being two of the others.


One of the outstanding matters, has been the non existence of any other form of Evangelisation for those parishioners who chose not to follow this Neocatechumen Way. Accordingly, some parishioners have taken it upon themselves to investigate and introduce a programme called CaFE, which is currently operating in several other parishes. Unfortunately, we are now told that this will not be introduced until ‘before lent’ of next year? We look forward to CaFE, and encourage all parishioners to attend.


As you may know, the use of the Parish Hall is now no longer available to parishioners on Wednesday and Saturday evenings because the Neocatechumen services are held on these evenings. We consider this to be indicative of the selfish and authoritative attitude displayed. Many parishioners put in a great deal of hard work, labour and fund raising to build the hall so that parishioners could come together with the aim of fostering a community spirit and fellowship.

Do you think this is fair and reasonable… that this decision has been taken without consultation and concern for the 95% of the parishioners who do not follow this Neocatechumen Way? Can not an alternative venue be found, when the parish needs the hall on the occasional Saturday evenings??

Even the Parish Christmas function will be held (again) on a Friday evening.


We have heard from some parishioners in Redfern (NSW) that they too have had their parish turned upside down since the unannounced arrival of the Neocatechumen priests and their Way. Should you be interested to read about the situation that exists in Redfern and see the parallels in our parish then go to Another site of interest is

Finally, St. Gerard’s Church in the Mirrabooka has been ‘restructured’ to the style of the Neocatechumen Way. This is a result of the ‘Little by Little’ approach that gradually encroaches and then encompasses. Take a trip to St. Gerard’s of Mirrabooka and see for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read our flier.

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