Holy Week Worship Schedule

Easter at St Vincent’s was once something greatly anticipated by the community – a time of reflection, thanksgiving, renewal and celebration. People would come from far and wide to be part of it.

Why then was yesterday’s (Holy Thursday) ceremony attended by barely two dozen members of the community?

Since their arrival in 2004 the Neocat clergy have fought to strip away the traditions of this parish and unilaterally impose their own alien ways of doing things. Try using this site’s search facility for "easter" and you’ll quickly get a picture of what’s been happening over the years.

This year the usual Easter edict was issued – not by dialogue or discussion, but by Mendes singling out one member of the community, Ann M, and handing her the following sheet of paper:

Ann sent the following response to Mendes several days later:

The Neocat clergy regularly use the pulpit to admonish and criticise the community, with numerous rejoinders to "convert". They have a way of speaking about love that sounds filled with hatred. Mendes’ barely intelligible 15 minute diatribe of a homily yesterday evening was no exception.

The "Washing of the Feet" was solely the priest’s job, he said, and he would wash the feet of his con-celebrants and no one else. Any attempt by the community to participate in this ritual was mere "theatre" and inappropriate for such a solemn occasion.

He also asserted that Holy Thursday was not the time to have a "party" in the church, especially when the liturgy calls for a solemn exit and time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after the Mass. Failure to observe this part of the ceremony in silence would be clear proof that the offender did not love God.

Since they first came to Redfern, the Neocats spurned the stone tabernacle at the rear of the church, and squirelled the Blessed Sacrament away in a tiny sacristy room, which quickly filled when the handful of "converted" followed the clergy there after Mass.

The community gathered at the rear of the church and quietly shared a Passover Meal.

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