Holy Thursday at St Vincent’s

Mercifully, the Holy Thursday evening ceremony was peaceful and respectful, although the atmosphere was charged with tension after the events of the past week.

Fr Eric Skruzny, rector of the Neocatechumaenate Redemptoris Mater seminary and Fr Dennis co-celebrated with Gerry. The congregation included a larger than usual contingent of Neocat seminarians. The community participated with the usual high level of creative and reflective input.

In his homily, Gerry told us that the priesthood was a service: it was not about power and authority. He also floated the theologically and historically challenged line that Jesus came to invent the priesthood so that we could have the Eucharist – or perhaps it was the other way around, it really wasn’t all that clear.

After Mass the community held its traditional Passover meal in the rear of the church, ignored by the Neocats who immediately withdrew into the sacristy for a private exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.
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