Griffo’s grief

Griffo had been in Kempsey for about a month.

On Tuesday last, by his own account, he had “a feeling”- of loneliness and sense of loss. Griffo did not know that Ted had died, but he suspected that “something” was wrong – a member of his family perhaps…..

When he got into Central yesterday afternoon (Friday), he was “bustin’ for a cuppa” and headed for “The Gathering Place” in Caroline St. When he got there he saw a notice in the window – not an unusual thing – very often a notice would be placed in the window advising that there was something (a pair of shoes or some clothing) out the front free for the taking.

When he looked more closely, Griffo saw that it contained notification of Ted’s passing and details of the funeral. As he read, Griffo’s heart sank and he says he felt a sense of “terrible loneliness”.

Griffo lost his father at the age of 7. Many years ago he approached Ted and asked him to be his father. They had been through “a lot” together. Ted said “yes”.

One can only guess how many Kooris could say a similar thing.

Published with Griffo’s permission

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