from H.B.

I was deeply shocked to read of the events at Redfern Church this week. Since Ted’s retirement we have had troubled personalities inflicted on us. These personalities have been empowered to perform "priestly duties". Regrettably they have been totally inept in performing any function that bears a resemblance to the gospel values. So inept in fact have they been that the community has found it necessary to provide its own liturgy and to minister to each other.

It was Ted who understood the true interpretation of the gospels and was instrumental in the emergence of a faith community based on this "liberation theology". The conduct of these poor priestly souls would be considered "criminal" had it been manifest in any institution other than the church.

Their conduct has insulted the integrity and faith of every member of St Vincent’s community. Further it has been injurious to the health of many members of the community. Despite all of this the community has exercised inexplicable tolerance. I have never understood the incredible patience of Aboriginal people. I am deeply moved by the faith, commitment and courage of Pruney. Her gesture is extremely symbolic. A hose is a very powerful way of physically restraining others. It also washes away stains. It is time for us to also hose them out.

I suggest that all of us pick up pen and paper and write our own account of what has happened and continues to happen at Redfern and our perception of the impact that it has had upon the community and upon us personally. These articles when edited and compiled for publication should be a considerable tome.

Once published the truth is there for all to see. It will shock "Pontius Pilate" and hopefully provide support for other communities that are being disempowered and abused in a similar way.

I believe that it is timely to publish. We have fought hard to preserve the work of Ted and the history and legacy of the Aboriginal people who have lived and died at Redfern. By publishing we can immortalise this legacy. I am not thinking of our previous tributes to Ted but a much deeper analysis of, and reflection on, the suffering that has been inflicted on the Redfern community and on troubled "priestly" souls for the greater good of power, prestige and ignorance.
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