Easter Vigil Prayers of the Faithful

Prayer 1:

Let us pray for the sun and the everlasting glory of its daily death. May its gentle warmth nourish our soul. May each lingering sunset broaden our imagination and strengthen our conviction for a fairer world.

Prayer 2:

Let us pray for the heavenly birdsong that springs forth from all trees. May we listen intently to their rapturous melody and share some of their joy with this troubled world.

Prayer 3:

Let us pray for the ocean and those marvellous creatures that live within her womb. May they keep on swimming and gliding and dancing to a rhythm that we cannot see but only feel. May we learn to live with a similar sense of uncertainty. May the love of this earth wash over our universal spirit.

Prayer 4:

Let us pray for the moon. As it sits alone amidst the night sky, it radiates a supreme sense of peace for which we search day in and day out. May it continue to glow and inspire us to dream.

Prayer 5:

Let us prayer for the deceased of this community. Our deceased Aboriginal brothers and sisters, the original nurturers of this sacred space and those non indigenous brothers and sisters who have journeyed with them into the dream time.

Prayer 6:

Let us pray for the sick in our community, especially L., recovering in hospital from surgery. May he know that he is in our thoughts and prayers. We wish him a swift and graceful recovery.

Jonathan Hill
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