Dialogue with Neocats

Yesterday a delegation from the community approached pp Mendes after Mass to express their concern over the growing number of items that have disappeared from the church. An attempt was made to read out the following statement:

We recently realised no-one has reported to you that yet another item is missing from St Vincent’s Church. For some weeks now we have not seen a framed print of a well known modern painting called The First Supper, which has been hanging at St V’s for many years. The original painting was entered in the Blake Prize for Religious Art. It features women from all regions of the world at table with an Aboriginal Christ figure.

Other items that are missing include:

  • a banner, hand-made by Sheila, about which she has spoken to you
  • Christmas photo collages of Sharing the Meal
  • laminated articles from SMH about refugees with whom we have had a connection

These items belong to the community and the community would like them returned. We ask that they be returned by next Sunday. No questions asked. We will remove them from the church until the Neocat clerics have gone.

The encounter, which can be heard here, is an fine example of dialogue with Neocats.

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