Destroying the temple

It seems that the Neocats, not content with their constant attempts to destroy the St Vincent’s community, are now diverting some of their energies to the destruction of the church (building) and its furnishings.

Several weeks ago the church foyer was given a makeover – rough patches to damaged plaster, sloppily applied paint (traces of which may still be found on Ted’s portrait), and a brand new notice board (lockable, no doubt to protect the offensive notices so dear to the Neocat heart).

It appears that p.p. Mendes co-opted an inexperienced Neocat teenager from northern Australia to do much of the work.

Then just before Eileen’s funeral, the baptistry alcove was attacked with the same style and quality of workmanship, and paint was splashed on the baptismal font, hewn from Australian granite and commissioned by the late Fr Ted Kennedy. The stone came from a site revered in Aboriginal spirituality on Mt Gibraltar in the NSW Southern highlands. The sculpture was blessed and dedicated as a baptismal font. Not only did the young Neocat fail to cover the font before undertaking any work in the alcove, he sneeringly refused to accept that this could be a baptismal font at all when questioned about the spilt paint.

John G, a retired professional builder and restorer of heritage buildings, contacted Mendes immediately with the following advice:

On Sunday the font was found lying dismantled at the rear of the church. Hopefully it is awaiting professional attention.

Unfortunately the Neocat zeal for making "improvements" to the church did not stop there. In the past week the doors of the confessionals were stripped out and replaced with a blank wall, the main doors from the foyer into the church were removed for "refurbishment", the antique cast iron holy water font was given the now customary sloppy coat of paint, and an insensitively crafted gate was installed at the base of the stairs leading to the choir loft, with a hole drilled in the old cedar newel post to accommodate the bolt.



Gate at foot of stairs.

Freshly "painted" holy water font

Furthermore, it is Mendes’ stated intention to install toilets in the space occupied by the confessionals!

All this in a building that has a Sydney Council heritage listing, for which, according to the Archdiocese, no building approval has been given.

All of this without a single word of consultation with the community, which is dismayed at the destruction going on in its church.

Is this latest outrage a product of stupidity, ignorance, maliciousness or a subtle blend of the lot?

Perhaps a more apt title for this sad item would have been Letter to the Philistines.

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