Come and Listen

It would appear that the Redfern Neocats have started recruiting in earnest. Just how this is meant to be compatible or consistent with the Archdiocese’s assurances that St Vincent’s is not a Neocatechumenate parish remains to be seen.

About 2 weeks ago posters and cards were distributed around parts of Redfern, and a small band of self-styled Neocat troubadours, led by a guitar strumming parish priest, processed through the streets, luring the odd unsuspecting local (and quite a few more of the less naïve who were simply interested in a free feed) to a barbecue in Redfern park to launch a “Catechesis for adults”.

The invitation, in the form of a greeting card, is clearly intended to present the “Catechesis” as nothing other than a regular Catholic Church thing. The “N” word may not appear anywhere, but the Kiko Madonna on the front of the card is a sure sign that The Way has something to do with it.

“Christ really loves you,
He died on the Cross for you,
when you were wicked and a sinner.
Christ rose from death,
He is the Lord
He will come again and take us with him.”

Did St Paul really say these words? How might the answer to that bear on what the invitation offers?

Despite trying to reverse an attempt to obliterate the words following “St Paul” on the card reproduced above, the Church Mouse (who can hardly claim to be a serious scripture scholar, but does have some ways with search engines) has been unable to pinpoint the source of the quotation attributed to St Paul. So keen is the Mouse to establish that the quotation is not a fabrication that cheese will be offered to the first reader who can identify chapter and verse.
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