The Church Mouse is back!

The Church Mouse has more or less been in a state of hibernation for almost two years (since October 2011, in fact).

This was a deliberate choice.

When Melvin Llabanes was first appointed as parish priest of St Vincent’s, he came with a friendly demeanour and apparent willingness to engage, offering the hope of something better than the preceding 8 years of Neocat hell.

Despite warnings from the West (Mirrabooka and Kelmscott), and a couple of less deluded parishioners, that Melvin was not to be trusted, totally intoxicated with idealistic visions of what might be, I chose to suspend the telling of the St Vincent’s story for a while, and joined the inaugural Redfern Parish Advisory Committee in early 2012.

On August 30, 2013 I resigned from the committee (letter of resignation), shook the Church Mouse out of its slumber and applied a fresh coat of paint.

The Church Mouse is back; the St Vincent’s story is on again – and it starts with Helen McCue’s Ted Kennedy Interviews!

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