Christmas Meal, 2009

Suffer the Little Children

A small miracle is taking place at “Sharing the Meal” every Tuesday at St Vincent’s Church, Redfern.

Community Services (formerly DoCS) agreed to allow an access visit between a grandmother and mother of two children – a 4 month old baby and a small 3 year old boy – while their custody case is being investigated. The Church is a familiar place especially for the little boy, and the environment is much less stressful for the family – as opposed to meeting in an office or other place – where the visits were previously being conducted.

The move was the initiative of the grandmother who is a long term member of the St Vincent’s Community and often helps, as a volunteer, at the meal.

The small group gather at the other end of the Church in front of the altar. The two representatives from Community Services supervise without intervention. While the young mother feeds her baby the grandmother plays with her grandson, and he smiles at all the familiar faces around as they enjoy a special meal together.

For this to be happening in our Church is an incredible red tape break through.

The Volunteers and all at “Sharing the Meal” are delighted to be included by the family in the visits which last from 10am till noon and wish to share this beautiful happening with all.

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