Catholica comes to tea

The St Vincent’s community regularly sets aside the last Sunday of the month to enjoy a cup of tea and a leisurely chat after Mass. Guests are especially welcome, and the broad spectrum of "Redfernites" who visit the parish infrequently for many and varied reasons are heartily encouraged to mark their diaries accordingly.

Last Sunday, special guests singer-songwriter Amanda McKenna, and her husband Brian Coyne, editor of Catholica (formerly Catholica Australia) accepted an invitation to get together with the community.

They generously shared stories of their own journeys; Amanda sang a selection of her compositions and Brian spoke passionately on the theme "Reclaiming a Spirit of Trust". He also took the opportunity to say his personal “sorry” to the Aborigines.

Brian Coyne under Ted’s watchful eye

Listening to these kindred spirits reinforced the community’s resolve to stand against the control freak hierarchy that is driving the Church into oblivion by alienating thinking, questioning Catholics everywhere.

You can read Brian’s comments on the day in the Catholica Forum thread What a thoroughly exquisite day!

Amanda McKenna performing one of her songs

and more about Amanda on her website and in a Catholic Weekly interview Conversation: Amanda McKenna, Catholic singer and songwriter – ‘God’s messenger’ on a journey of faith.

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