The Pope: how the Church will change


Dialogue between Francis and Repubblica’s founder, Eugenio Scalfari: “Starting from the Second Vatican Council, open to modern culture”. The conversation in the Vatican after the Pope’s letter to La Repubblica: “Convert you? Proselytism is solemn nonsense. You have to meet people and listen to them.”

Pope Francis told me: “The most serious of the evils that afflict the world these days are youth unemployment and the loneliness of the old. The old need care and companionship; the young need work and hope but have neither one nor the other, and the … Continue reading

The report – another view

The opinions expressed in the report prepared by Fr Don Richardson and architect Harry Stephens of the Liturgy Office of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney are just that – the ideas of two people. The Chairman of the National Liturgical Architecture and Art Board has another take on some of the issues raised in the report, as the following comments indicate:

… some basic considerations about the mural, altar and other liturgical items that seem to be under threat are:

  • Liturgical art and architecture norms notwithstanding, the cultural heritage context of the St Vincent’s community, and especially its … Continue reading

St Vincent’s according to the Liturgy Office

Report on St Vincent de Paul’s Church, Redfern, with Recommendations
Regarding Internal Ordering and Liturgical Furnishings and Adornment


This Report and Recommendations follows an inspection of St Vincent’s Church in April 2013 by Rev. Donald Richardson, Director of the Liturgy Office of the Archdiocese, and Mr Harry Stephens, a liturgical architect, Member of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission and Secretary of the National Liturgical Architecture and Art Board. The intent of the Report is to assess the present state of the church regarding liturgical ordering, art and architecture, and in the light of suggestions by the Parish Priest … Continue reading

Mural dilemma at St Vincent’s Church

REDFERN: Concern has been growing among parishioners of the St Vincent’s Catholic Church, as the mural painted behind the altar has deteriorated to an alarming state. Members of the Church have asked for a quote from professional restorers to have the mural fixed and have expressed to the Parish Priest, Father Melvin Llabanes, their wish to pay for the restoration themselves, but it has yet to be approved by the Church authorities.

The damaged mural at St … Continue reading

Letter of resignation from Parish Advisory Committee

30 August 2013

Fr Melvin Llabanes
PO. Box 1067
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

Dear Melvin,
I am writing this letter because my position as a long-term community representative on the St Vincent’s Parish Advisory Committee has become untenable, and wish to advise that I am resigning as of today. The community will advise you when my replacement has been selected.

The following is an attempt to contextualise my decision. I can’t apologise for its length – you have given me so much to reflect upon.

Hopeful Beginnings

When you started as parish priest in September … Continue reading

Ted Kennedy Interviews

Helen McCue interviewed Father Ted Kennedy at her place in Bowral over several months during 1996. In all there were six series of long interviews. Following Ted’s first mini-stroke she was keen to conduct the interviews so that some of Ted’s wonderful and inspirational life story could be collected. During the course of these interviews Ted had another small stroke, was not in the best of health and consequently struggled for memory and expression at times. These interviews nonetheless provide the reader with a partial insight into the extraordinary life of Father Ted Kennedy.

The recorded interviews were transcribed by … Continue reading

Update from Toukley

The correspondence between the good folk from Toukley (see Standing in solidarity – Friday, September 01, 2006) and the Cardinal continues. This letter, written after a visit to Redfern, received a terse and sarcastic reply that is not worth publishing at this stage.


Small Church Community Toukley
Postal address c/o. PO Box 278, BUDGEWOI NSW 2262

29th September 2006

His Eminence
George Cardinal Pell
Polding House
133 Liverpool Street

Dear Cardinal Pell,

Many thanks for your letter of 30th August 2006, the majority of its contents being a copy … Continue reading