Withholding financial contributions

The withholding of financial contributions to the Church is an effective means for the faithful to register disapproval with the hierarchy. A consistently empty Sunday collection plate makes a statement that is hard to ignore.

In the USA, some reform groups have been urging Catholics to withhold contributions until the Church gets tough with sexual abusers in the priesthood and opens up its files for a full accounting of four decades of clerical abuse. The phenomenon has become quite ecumenical, with Episcopal Church officials recently announcing a $3 million shortfall in the church’s 2004 budget, … Continue reading

Talk to Neocats

Talk to Neocats; try to interest them in your customs, theology, etc. Approach individuals who look as though they might be prepared to listen. This usually excludes priests, but seminarians can be worth a try, as evidenced by the following story.

Paco, a young Spanish Neocat seminarian at St Vincent’s over a year ago, was befriended by several members of the community. They took the time to explain what we were about and why we were so opposed to the Neocatechumenate, and gave him books, like Albert Nolan’s Jesus Before Christianity, to read. Imagine our joy when Paco’s letter, … Continue reading

Vibrant youth Mass

Well folks, you will all be relieved that the innovative Neocat parish youth mass is a raging success. Watch out, Hillsong, here we come!

For my sins I attended the 6pm mass at St Vincent’s this evening. I counted a total of 14 people in the church, including the two incumbent Neocat “pastors” (No. 2 came in late, but was not publicly castigated for his sin as various members of the community have been), 3 seminarians (one of whom played the guitar and sort of sang), a Neocat couple from Leichhardt, one regular with her little daughter, a couple of … Continue reading

10 Steps to Quell Dissent and Maintain the Truth

Written by Brian Munro for Online Catholics

  • At all times remember that truth is not a disembodied entity. It is a function of power exercised through authority.
  • Fear is a prime tool in the use of power, and authority figures must be fearless in its use to keep inferiors in their place. Better to be feared than loved.
  • But let not fear alone be the sole tool to crush dissent. ‘Duchess’ potential troublemakers by offering them minor promotions and some of the trappings of your power.
  • Force subordinates to come to you as … Continue reading
  • Neocat assault

    Weekend evening masses at St Vincent’s are usually attended by one or two dozen people. While parish priest Prindiville remains adamant that they are parish masses, the Neocat presence is oppressive and out of all proportion to the size of the congregation. In attendance there are typically two priests and a number of seminarians, who actively discourage any attempts by non-Neocats to contribute to the masses, by, for instance, talking over anyone who dares to offer a Prayer of the Faithful, and denying community members – even qualified Eucharistic Ministers – the right to distribute communion.

    Continue reading

    Happy (?) Birthday

    The Church Mouse has been on-line for a year.

    The theme of the readings for yesterday’s Mass – Sunday 6 Mar – seem curiously appropriate, for example, the second reading (Eph 5:8-14):

    Try to discover what the Lord wants of you, having nothing to do with futile works of darkness but exposing them by contrast. The things which are done in secret are things that people are ashamed even to speak of; but anything … Continue reading