Redfern goes to Marrickville

A brief reflection on Marnie’s funeral by long-time member of the St Vincent’s community, Sr Dom.

Those who attended Marnie Kennedy’s funeral at St Brigid’s Church, Marrickville, on 21st March witnessed the flame of Redfern re-lit in the hearts of those who understand the true spirit.

The celebration was one fitting for a truly valiant woman – Uncle Max performing the smoking ceremony around Marnie’s coffin, Pruney welcoming us to country, Helen, Kevin, Maria and Peter providing music, Ralph ministering the Eucharist to us, and the many other symbolic gestures that were given.

Shireen Malamoo uplifted us with her … Continue reading

My tribute

In composing a tribute to Marnie, it was very difficult to know where to start. How does one begin to sum up the life of such a woman, this wonderful and unusual aunt of mine?

I decided to start at the beginning:

Margaret Mary Kennedy, from early times known as “Marnie’’, was born on 2nd December 1927, the second child of Peg and Jack Kennedy, and grew up in their home, Montrose, the house standing on the corner opposite this church, where her father established his medical practice.

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Tribute to Marnie

If you read the obituary notice in the newspaper you probably realised that it gave a portrait of Marnie and an outline of her life. Today we celebrate and give thanks for her life.

Marnie was loved by family, students, friends, by those she guided … by all who came into her life.

She in turn cared deeply about people and made each feel special and one writes:

… ever since we left Redfern I have had a picture of Marnie on my bedside table and her brother Ted on our fridge, constantly reminding me of the worthiness of me. … Continue reading

Homily at Funeral of Sister Marnie Kennedy, rscj

Marnie has surely been a person to whom we have all looked up to for a whole host of reasons, and others will speak to us later, reflecting on her life. Her spirituality in directing those who sought her wisdom of Spirit, her thirst for justice, especially concerning our indigenous sisters and brothers but not exclusively, her seeking of peace among people of all classes and in all circumstances and her great ability to relate to everyone with gentleness and humility. All these among other things. Marnie’s greatest task, among others, since coming to Redfern in 1987 was to be … Continue reading