The following arrived today from Fr David Lancini, p.p. of Kirwan in Queensland. David, a great friend of Fr John’s, comes to Sydney for his annual holidays and helps out at The Meal for the two weeks that he is here. Over the many years that he has been doing this he had got to know Mary and Trevor.

He intends to put the following story on the front of his Parish Bulletin

MINISTERIAL REGION OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD Morindo Drive, Kirwan. Q. 4817 P.O. Box 203, Thuringowa Central. Q. 4817 Phone: (07) 4723 9844 Fax: (07) 4723 … Continue reading

More thanks, and a question or two

The following letter was sent today:

Sharing The Meal

To Serve One Another With Generosity And Joy PO Box 206 Leichhardt 2040

6 July 2008

Dear Father Clesio

We just wish to thank all the pilgrims who have so generously and thoughtfully contributed so much towards our “Sharing the Meal" here at St Vincent’s Redfern. It is because of such kindness that we are able to keep going. There are lots of disadvantaged people who come in and share each Tuesday and Friday morning – roughly about 100. People who would not have the opportunity of sharing … Continue reading

Thankyou, pilgrims

Sharing the Meal co-ordinator Kate Gavan was presented with a green bag this morning after the 9am Mass by Clesio Mendes and Joe Pelle. They told her that the World Youth Day pilgrims who attended St Vincent’s saw what was being done for the poor and wished to offer some support.

So impressed were the pilgrims with the Sharing of the Meal that they collected $1600 in loose coins and notes – the contents of the bag.

They also offered their assurance of continuing prayers for the poor, and for peace in our community.

Bishop David Cremin’s visit

Bishop David Cremin came to St Vincent’s this morning to show his support for the community and dedicate a photo of Fr Ted Kennedy mounted in the church foyer as a sign of welcome to all.

The bishop chose Naidoc Day in post-Apology Australia to visit Redfern, unveiling the picture of Ted as another gesture of the community’s recommitment to Reconciliation with Aboriginal brothers and sisters.

Aboriginal member of parliament Linda Burney last week said that many Aboriginal people regard that Apology in a manner similar to the "coming-down" of the Berlin Wall.

The community also wanted to make a … Continue reading

No meal for the Pope

The following is an excerpt from an email just received from one of the co-ordinators of Sharing the Meal. Is it right that the Neocats close down the Meal for WYD so they can conduct their catechesis classes? And how about proclaiming love & compassion from the pulpit in one breath and denying the marginalised & disadvantaged a meal in the next?

Dear All

Last Friday following morning Mass I approached Frs Clesio and Joe in the sacristy. I requested information re WYD Masses especially during the Pope’s visit on the Tuesday & Friday. These are ‘Sharing the Meal’ … Continue reading

Building a more just and fraternal society

The Catholic Weekly, 30 January 2005, p11

by members of the community of St Vincent’s, Redfern

There is surely no more powerful reflection on the authentic meaning of the Eucharist than in the recent letter Mane nobiscum domine of Pope John Paul II.

There is one other point which I would like to emphasise, since it significantly affects the authenticity of our communal sharing in the Eucharist.

It is the impulse which the Eucharist gives to the community for a practical commitment to building a more just and fraternal society.