Reconciliation Ceremony of Healing

The community held a healing ceremony after Mass at St Vincent’s today to celebrate National Reconciliation Week. It was well attended, by far-flung community members and visitors alike.

Sadly, the Neocats followed their normal practice of evacuating the church as quickly as possible after Mass, even though an invitation to the ceremony was emailed to assistant pp Joe Pelle during the week (pp Mendes had been absent for 5 or 6 weeks). Pelle responded by berating the messenger’s divisiveness in specifically inviting the Neocatechumenal Way followers, and misguidedly assuring her that she was not representing the community.

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Commentary for the 2nd Sunday of Lent 2005

As we acknowledged last week, the traditional owners and custodians of the land and the words of the aboriginal writer Mudrooroo in his book ‘The Master of the Ghost Dreaming’ are a strong reminder of our responsibility to the first custodians of this the land on which we are privileged to stand. “Now we, the pitiful fragments of once strong families suffer on in exile…all around us is the darkness of the night, all around us is an underlying silence of a land of death. We are in despair; we are sickening unto death; we call to be healed. We … Continue reading