Sad News

Subject: Sad News

Dear small voice of Redfern parishioners,

I have been receiving your emails all year. To be frank they have made me concerned and at times wondering what was going on at St Vincent’s. I have met and spoken to the priests at Redfern and so I have both stories. Yet I cannot help but be disappointed by the angry tone of your emails. All you do it would seem to me is complain about how bad you’ve got it. How you hate change and how you hunger for the past. May I suggest respectfully, move on.

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From Sts. Joseph & Michael Parish, NJ


Dear Mouse,

My name is Monica and I am a NeoCat as you call the way. I’ve read some of the articles which are posted on the site and I can’t tell you how disturbed I am that this movement within our Church is the cause of much division in certain parishes. I am a revert to the Church and I belong to a wonderful little parish in NJ which just introduced the Way about 4 months ago. Being a CCD teacher I have learned much about Church’s teaching and have fallen in love with the truth. … Continue reading

From the di Venuto family


A friend recommended we take a look at the Church Mouse website. We have read the information it presents carefully and thoroughly. We are regrettably left with the conclusion that you are behaving like spoilt little children who aren’t getting their own way.

Where we live our priest, close to retiring age and in average health, is looking after two fairly large parishes singlehandedly. In our diocese one priest is responsible for three parishes. In our country there are people who might get Mass once a month, or even longer. Friends in far west Queensland see their … Continue reading

Complex Redfern Challenge

I am an Australian priest of the Archdiocese of Agana in Guam, Micronesia. I had already read in the Australian press about what Peter Maher described as the "cultural shenanigans at Redfern with the arrival of the Neocatechumenal Way priests" and so, while I was in Sydney last year, attended Mass at St. Vincent’s one Sunday morning.

My recollections were not, however, about any cultural insensitivity on the part of the priest and the deacon who assisted at the liturgy, but more because it was one of the few parishes I encountered where everyone seemed to participate. It … Continue reading