Neocats in Mirrabooka Perth

MIRRABOOKA PARISH – The Neocats’ Australian "jewel in the crown" in Perth Western Australia St Gerard’s parish at Mirrabooka is the site of the Neocatechumenal Way’s introduction to Perth (and Australia). Don Sproxton, the parish priest at the time (some 10 years ago) was very active in consolidating the Way in the parish. Sproxton has subsequently been elevated to Auxiliary Bishop. Mirrabooka was strongly promoted as the Neocat jewel in the crown; it was presented to other parishes as a prime example of the Fruits and Joy that could flow from embracing the Way. When the people of St Gerard’s … Continue reading

From The Record

Perth’s weekly Catholic newspaper, The Record, has been running a Neocat promotion with full blown articles and pictures.

Dismayed and angered by the questionable representation of the Way, some of the Mirrabooka parishioners wrote the following letter to The Record‘s editor.

Here is part of an email message from Mirrabooka:

For reasons best known to themselves, the Record has not seen fit to publish the E-mail I sent them some weeks ago. Why am I not surprised? Later I learned that J…, a member of their editorial staff, is a staunch neo-cat in this area, … Continue reading

Update from Kelmscott

The parishioners of Kelmscott finally had a visit from Aux Bishop Sproxton last Tuesday (28 Sept 2004). Sproxton is a Neocat and along with Archbishop Hickey promotes the Way. They have planted as parish priest the Neocat Fr Melvin, who has Little by Little tried to implement the Way through stealth, cunning and deceit, creating division, conflict, disharmony and mistrust, and causing several parishioners to leave the parish.

[CM October 2012 – After a little over a year, members of the St Vincent’s community have not found Fr Melvin to be their ideal priest, but he is making a consistent … Continue reading

Information update

The following was distributed to Kelmscott parishioners after Sproxton’s disappointing visit

Information Update – Good Shepherd Parish

Good Shepherd Parish Mainstream Parishioners

Dear Parishioners,

Firstly, thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our Parish.

As you know Bishop Sproxton visited the Parish on the 26th September after accepting an invitation from us (made on the 28th July). Below is a recap of events.

Unfortunately, His Grace did not address any of the concerns we had raised with him previously on the 28th July at the Cathedral office. As such, the issues remain … Continue reading

Testimonial from Kelmscott

About three years ago, the last of the Salesians left the Good Shepherd Parish and were replaced by a couple of ‘new priests’ in Fr Pele and Fr Daniel. They in turn were soon replaced by Frs Melvyn and Dennis. These priests technically belong to the Diocese but in fact are Neocatechumen priests.

All seemed well as they initially endeared themselves to parishioners with their energy, friendliness and enthusiasm. The parish appeared to be coming alive with organised family days etc.

Then one day parishioners were asked to attend an Adult Catechesis which they were told would … Continue reading

Letter to the local Bishops

Arch Bishop Barry Hickey & Bishop Don Sproxton
St Mary’s Cathedral,
17 Victoria Square
Perth, Western Australia 6000

Your Excellencies

We are writing to you with the intention of bringing to your attention the situation that exists in the Good Shepherd Parish at Kelmscott and to hopefully initiate the necessary actions that will remedy the same.

Recent correspondence with the local Bishops

Dear Clive,

I received your email late on Friday. The Archbishop and I will discuss the matters you raise at our next Curial Meeting.

I have delayed my visit to Kelmscott until Fr. Melvin returns from his annual holiday, as I think it is only fair that he be in the parish when I meet with the parishioners. The meeting will be about the Neocatechumenal Way and I will explain how it is a means of evangelisation for a parish community. The experience I had when answering questions about the Way at the Parish Council meeting during … Continue reading