That Strange Mass the Pope Doesn’t Like

It is the Mass according to the rite of the Neocatechumenal Way. Benedict XVI has ordered the congregation for the doctrine of the faith to examine it thoroughly. Its condemnation appears to be sealed.

ROME, April 11, 2012 – With a letter written personally to Cardinal William J. Levada, Benedict XVI has ordered the congregation for the doctrine of the faith to examine whether the Neocatechumenal Masses are or are not in keeping with the liturgical teaching and practice of the Catholic Church.

A “problem,” in the pope’s judgment, that is “of … Continue reading

Pope’s latest ruling for Neocats

Two articles on B16’s recent ruling on The Way:

Pope says neocatechumenal celebrations must lead members to parish Mass

Carol Glatz Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — As the Vatican approved the Neocatechumenal Way’s unique rite, Pope Benedict XVI underlined that its celebrations were not "strictly liturgical" and that their aim must be to encourage members to partake fully in the liturgical life of the parish.

The pope encouraged the movement’s members to continue "to offer your original contribution to the cause of the Gospel," and he urged them to always make sure … Continue reading

The problem with Takamatsu diocese

Small differences, then lack of direction and unity threatened true mission of the Church, Japan

It has been half a year since I stepped down from my post as diocesan bishop of Takamatsu diocese. Now, as I look back on the circumstances I encountered in that role, I have decided it best to write a few words for the sake of the future.

First off, it is fair to say that there was something decidedly unusual in my reassignment to Takamatsu diocese, which came despite my being active bishop of Sendai at the time. That would never happen … Continue reading

Vatican Diary / The Neocatechumenals get their diploma. But not the one they were expecting

The Holy See has approved the rites that mark the stages of their catechism. But the particularities with which they celebrate their Masses still remain under observation. Some of them are permitted. Others not.

VATICAN CITY, January 23, 2012 – Before the audience with Benedict XVI three days ago, the rumor within the Neocatechumenal Way was that this occasion would bring the definitive approval of all the “liturgies” of the ecclesial movement founded by Francisco “Kiko” Argüello and Carmen Hernández:

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“Placet” or “Non placet”? The wager of Carmen and Kiko

The founders of the Neocatechumenal Way aim to obtain definitive Vatican approval for their “convivial” way of celebrating the Mass. The document is ready. But it could be modified or blocked in extremis. The verdict on January 20.

ROME, January 13, 2012 – As on other occasions in the past, this January as well, on Friday the 20th, Benedict XVI will meet in the audience hall of the Vatican with thousands of members of the Neocatechumenal Way, with their founders and leaders, the Spaniards Francisco “Kiko” Argüello and Carmen Hernández.

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Hope for St Vincent’s?

For eight years the job definition for parish priest of St Vincent’s Redfern could well have included essentials such as:

  • Drive away Ted Kennedy’s supporters;
  • Drive away the Aborigines; deny that they come to this church;
  • Don’t engage with non-Neocat parishioners; don’t listen to them; don’t talk to them if it can be avoided; Keep them in the dark regarding parish matters;
  • Ignore and/or deny their reasonable requests;
  • Tell them they aren’t Catholics; that they are not welcome in this church; attack them from the pulpit;
  • Keep looking at the time when in their presence; rush out of … Continue reading

Kathmandu Bishop bars Neocat activities

Bishop bars Neo-cat activities

Kathmandu, Nepal – 8 August 2011

Bishop Anthony Sharma has suspended the activities of the Neo-catechumenate Way church group in Kathmandu, seven years after the organization, which is dedicated to the Christian formation of adults, first came to Nepal.

According to Church authorities the Catholic group, which started in Madrid in 1964, was never formally invited to Nepal, but “came by themselves.”

A short announcement on the notice board of Kathmandu’s Assumption Church said the suspension came into effect on August 1.

Several Neo-catechumenate members, who are also parishioners of Assumption Church, said yesterday … Continue reading

Mendes’ legacy?

Mendes’ homily last Sunday was notable – not only because he used it to announce that this had been his last Sunday Mass as pp of St Vincent’s, but also because for once it actually had some semblance of structure and coherence, leading one to wonder who had written it for him.

The content, however, was sadly still the same old rubbish, with the message of the gospel reading of the Sermon on the Mount somehow warping into a diatribe on obedience, a favourite theme.

He thanked his fellow travellers on the Way for their support, as well as the … Continue reading