The Church Mouse is back!

The Church Mouse has more or less been in a state of hibernation for almost two years (since October 2011, in fact).

This was a deliberate choice.

When Melvin Llabanes was first appointed as parish priest of St Vincent’s, he came with a friendly demeanour and apparent willingness to engage, offering the hope of something better than the preceding 8 years of Neocat hell.

Despite warnings from the West (Mirrabooka and Kelmscott), and a couple of less deluded parishioners, that Melvin was not to be trusted, totally intoxicated with idealistic visions of what might be, I … Continue reading

New life for the presbytery

After lying derelict for many years, the former St Vincent’s presbytery next to the church on Redfern Street is about to enter a new phase of life, as the transformation of the old building into a new school for Aboriginal children nears completion.

Redfern Jarjum College, sponsored by St Aloysius’ College, Milsons Point, on behalf of the Jesuits, will be a fee-free school. (Jarjum means “children” in the Bundjalung language).

“Jarjum’s mission is to educate urban Aboriginal children who are not currently participating or coping in mainstream primary schools and to alleviate the social, emotional, behavioural and health disadvantages … Continue reading

Bishop Terence Brady visiting St Vincent’s

The Church Mouse has been in a state of hibernation since last October, largely as a consequence of recognising the need to remain silent and give the parish priest and the community space to build a meaningful relationship.

Since Hope for St Vincent’s was posted, Fr Melvin and the community have continued to reach out to each other. Melvin actively interacts with the community, engages in conversation, joins in with and supports various of its activities; he has even been seen sharing a cup of coffee up the road with a few stalwarts after Sunday Mass. The community encourages … Continue reading

New PP?

It appears that St Vincent’s new parish priest is to be Fr Melvin Llabanes. At least, according to the Archdiocese of Perth website he is "on Placement in Redfern, NSW".

Originally from the Philippines, Llabanes entered the Perth Redemptorist Mater Seminary in 1993 (at the same time as Joseph Pelle), and was ordained to the Presbyterate in Perth in June 2000. (Reference:

He has more recently spent a number of years in Finland, where " … there are only 12 Catholic priests counting the Bishop in all Finland. Last Year the first ever Catholic seminary opened … Continue reading

Peter Kearney Concert

Ted Kennedy – Australian Prophet

Peter sings songs of justice & compassion inspired by Ted Kennedy and a forty year friendship.

Peter first met Ted Kennedy in 1966 and was encouraged by him to write his first folkhymns including ‘Fill My House’ and ‘The Beatitudes’. He later wrote many songs of justice and reconciliation inspired by Ted’s ministry and a friendship of over forty years.

Since 1982, Peter has made music his full time work, singing … Continue reading

Sister Marnie Kennedy

Sister Marnie Kennedy died this morning around 5:20am. She had been ill for some time, but it was a very peaceful home-going for her.

Sister, friend, wisdom figure, Marnie will be greatly missed.

Realising a dream – Marnie in Central Australia, August 2009

Tribute and funeral details

(from Sydney Morning Herald March 18, 2011)

2 December 1927 – 16 March 2011

MARNIE’S long and difficult journey finally … Continue reading

Secret memorial service?

For several weeks the community has been trying to have a proper requiem at St Vincent’s to farewell Sr Pat Durnan, with Fr John Ford as celebrant.

Both Clesio Mendes and Miguel Zavarese obstinately refused all requests, insisting that it was their prerogative as parish priests to officiate at such things, whether they knew the deceased or not, and certainly regardless of the wishes of relatives and friends.

Having taken this inflexible stance, M & Z told several individuals a week or so ago that they would be holding a memorial service for Pat. At the same time, with a … Continue reading