Reflections/Memories of Redfern Community

So many memories and reflections come crowding in as they have for everyone else, no doubt; the following are a few random ones:

Arriving at Redfern (St Vincent’s) for the first time was like coming home. I loved the "place" for being raw, earthy, sparse. I loved its gutsy Word, and its liberating unpredictability. I both loved and hated its dis-comforting challenges. I marvelled at the birds-in-residence.

Reflections on Redfern

When I go to the Redfern Church I feel that I am surrounded by many people of immense spiritual strength and independence. People of like mind and persuasion who follow the true intent of Jesus’ teaching – and lead their lives guided by their conscience rather than a doctrine. I feel at ease in the church and even though there is a city outside it is pretty peaceful.

Ted & the spirit of Redfern Catholic Church

I knew of Fr Ted Kennedy from the early 1970’s, but did not become a participant at Redfern until the early 1980’s.

Lindsay and I were part of the loose Christian Community living in shared houses around the Uni of NSW. We were also early members of the St Vincent de Paul Night Patrol and often ventured into Redfern on our fortnightly rounds to talk to those sleeping out, to offer a cuppa and sandwich and conversation, and a bed if desired, and we’d called into de Porres house … Continue reading